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Powerful Dashboard

Your upcoming day is clearly represented in our new Dashboard, complete with Productivity Meter, Upcoming Appointments, and more. Get to know your First Time Clients and track who is Due for Checkout. Plus score your Business with Business Summary. Keep track of business health and stay informed of client retention, referrals, and sales benchmarks.p>

Software Dashboard

Hundreds of Reports

InkBook Software includes over 200 built-in business reports that will help you to get details about your sales, clients, products, and so much more! The built-in reports are easy-to-use and provide you with key details that will help you to run your business effectively. Most reports can be viewed in a simple grid as well as a full-color graph! You will be able to visually see all the information about your business in a variety of ways, and export or print the information to keep on record.

Client Retention

InkBook can show you if your clients keep coming back for more. Client retention is a key business metric, and if your numbers are low then you may want to re-evaluate your marketing strategy (which, by the way, we can also help you with).

Profit and Loss

Gain the comprehensive insight you need to analyze the income, expense, and net profit of your business. InkBook’s profit and loss reporting helps you make the right choices to ensure the continued growth of your studio.

Sales Totals

Trying to get a total of your sales for the day can be overwhelming. With InkBook, this information is conveniently gathered in our reporting system under the “Sales Totals and Tax” report.

… and more than 200 studio reports

to help run every aspect of your business more effectively

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