Client Management

Keep in touch and grow your client list with powerful client management tools

Capture the Moment with Client Photos

Photo management is about more than taking pictures. It’s about cataloging the visual evolution of your clients. It’s about providing each client with a library of expressive possibilities. It’s about tracking the artistic development of your employees. Use it simply, or use it boldly. InkBook leaves the choice to you.

Personal Client Contact

Provide a Personal Touch

InkBook understands that keeping in touch with your clients is an important part of your business. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to send e-mails and text messages right from the client screen. E-mails can be kept simple or customized to deliver a more personal touch.

Keep Them Coming Back

Show your clients they are valued with a loyalty program. You can define the points and awards, and InkBook will let you know when a client is eligible for an award so that it can easily be redeemed during checkout.

Client Notes

Keep the Ball Rolling

Quickly enter in your clients’ notes in their profile each time they come in to get work done. When they’re back for their next visit, you’ll be able to quickly look up your notes and start right where you left off.

Use Purchase Trends to Maximize Sales

Check out your clients’ previous purchases so that you can quickly reschedule and upsell products previously purchased. InkBook conveniently unifies client purchases for quick reference while you’re scheduling or checking out.

A Stress Free Way to Keep Track of Client Balances

Easily set up a discounted series of services and allow your clients to pre-pay for their next few appointments. We’ll automatically use the client’s balance when they come in for each appointment, and alert you when the client is due to pay for another round.

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